For the Carnivorous Foodie in all of us….by Jessica Chang

Siam Society Google Offer Coupon!!!
January 18, 2012, 9:30 am
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As of June 23rd, 2012, Siam Society has CLOSED it’s doors.  Their BBQ Chicken will be missed😦

Here is the link! It is a coupon you purchase for $15 and it allows you to order $30 worth of food.

The offer expires today, so get on it!!!! (Maximum purchase of 2 per person)

On a side note:  The Meat-O-Meter and I have embarked on the Whole 30 Challenge. So for the month of January we are super strict Paleo.  That means no sugar, wheat, legumes, potatoes, or dairy for 30 days.  Yeah, so what’s left?  Meat, veggies and little fruit and nuts.  This also means NO restaurants and A LOT of cooking.  I’m becoming a much better cook, I’m finding.🙂  

Unfortunately, not so good for the blog, but a really good life experience for us and we’re learning more about out bodies! So far I’ve lost 3 pounds and I have been making PR’s at the gym, so I can’t complain.  Plus it’s only for 30 days.  

So far it’s been 2 weeks and we are half way done!  In the meantime, take advantage of this Google Offer and get out there and try some great restaurants!!  

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