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New Seasons (N. Williams)
September 6, 2013, 11:22 am
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3445 N Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97227


I know we’ve reviewed New Seasons before, but not all stores are created equal!!

We love New Seasons and it’s representation of local organic produce.  However, the Hawthorne location is the closest store to my house that has a hot bar for breakfast food. That is until the North Williams location opened up a couple weeks ago.

We. are. so.excited! No lines, no waiting around in the inevitable rainy weather, it’s quick and easy.

For breakfast, there’s 3 different kinds of egg scrambles; plain eggs, vegetarian and a meat scramble.  Then there’s breakfast sausage links, pancakes, cheese grits and biscuits and gravy and potatoes. It may change every once in a while, but this hot bar is the bomb!!

It doesn’t get too much better than a quick and cheap breakfast food with a bunch of meat options when you’re in a hurry.


Cost: It’s $6.99 /lb at the Hot Food Bar.

Quality: It’s New Seasons, you can feel good about it.

Quantity:  Get as much as you want.  The breakfast food tends to be a bit heavy, but seriously, it turns out to be a pretty good deal when you get as many sausage links as you want.

Meat-O-Meter says!

(Don’t worry, pic coming soon.  Though I can tell you it’ll be something in the realm of some limb extremity pointing upwards with a neutral to positive facial expression.)

This weekend, if you don’t want to withstand the breakfast lines, head to the new N. Williams New Seasons!

Or the SE Hawthorne location is good too… We❤ Portland!

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