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Lucky Strike Happy Hour
February 25, 2014, 11:03 am
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3862 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, OR 97214

(503) 206-8292

Meateats UPDATE!!
We are still fans of Lucky Strike. It’s a hipster version of a Chinese restaurant with great food! We recently went there for Happy Hour and to our surprise, food portions were just a large as the dinner portions! Happy hour is from 4-6 EVERYDAY. We paid abut $10 per person (including a drink! Whaaaat?) and we had to be rolled out because we were so stuffed! Go check it out!

Our new favorites on the menu are Cumin Beef, Dry Cooked Black Bean Green Beans and for the people that are 100% Paleo – 50% of the time, we get the seafood pancake, huge…

We were on our way to a favorite restaurant of ours called ARISTA. Then we find out that it closed! Up popped in Lucky Strike. A bit disappointed, but excited to try a new restaurant! We heard that Lucky Strike was good and also that they were super spicy. Given the cool name, out interests were peaked.

What we ordered: Chicken on Fire, Chives with Egg, Twice Cooked Pork, Kung Pao Chicken

How we ordered it: As is. No rice.

What we got:

Chicken on Fire!

Chives stir-fried with Egg

Twice Cooked Pork

Kung Pao Chicken

Cost: Hot Pepper Chicken Bath – $10, Kung Pao Chicken – $9, Twice Cooked Pork – $10, Chive Stir-fried with Egg – $7.

Quality: So on their menu they state that all their meat is from local farms. They write which meat is from what farm, it’s so Portland! A Chinese restaurant that serves real authentic Chinese food and is concerned about where their meat comes from. Hmm, could this place be the best of both worlds?

Quantity: This was not too bad. The fact that most authentic Chinese restaurants would charge between $10 and $18 for major entrees, this really wasn’t that bad.



This was after I dared him to eat one red pepper. OK, so some people’s palettes can handle really spicy food, but geez, they are some special people. You can get other entrees that are not spicy and somewhat Paleo, but they are limited to the Chives with eggs and the baby bok choy. If you are looking for a solid cheat, go for the Seafood Pancake. (so good) Otherwise, it was pretty easy to order Paleo here, everything can be ordered as is. If you love spicy food and don’t need rice to help alleviate the painful temperature in your mouth then this is the place for you!



Holden’s Bistro
June 3, 2009, 9:16 pm
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 524 NW 14th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97209

Ahh, there’s nothing like sitting outside on a beautiful spring day and enjoying sunny weather.  It’s even better when you’ve got good food at a good price.  Happy Hour’s are hit or miss, so we decided to try Holden’s.  First impressions were that this is a nice place, nice decorations, nice garage doors that open up to the sidewalk.

What we ordered:  Slow cooked baked prawns w/ feta cheese, sweet potato fries, cobb salad, and Grilled Calamari

 How we ordered:  Everything was pretty much as is.  We cheated a bit with the cheese, but it would have been easy to ask eliminate.

What we got:

sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries


Slow cooked prawns in tomato sauce

Some type of salad



Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad



Cost: Happy Hour Menu – Sweet potato fries – $4, Baked prawns – $6, Grilled Calamari – $5, Normal Menu – Cobb Salad – $11

Quality:  The quality was decent.  Everything was flavorful and tasty.  Yes sweet potatoe fries are fried fatty goodness, but pretty tasty.  The do try to use local foods which is a plus.  The Cobb Salad was probably one of the best Cobb Salad’s I’ve ever had!

Quantity:  The HH menu only saved us about $1 per plate and they serve you less food.  What’s up with that?  With the minimum purchase of 1 drink with food for Happy Hour, your dinner tab turns out to be about the same as a regular dinner with full size portions.




Hmm, 4 prawns for $5.  I guess it wasn’t that bad.  It tasted good, definitely worth checking out for Happy Hour.  Especially if you have a $25 GC from!!!  Which we did and made it all worth it.

Podnah’s BBQ
April 3, 2009, 9:30 pm
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1625 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR


Texas Style Barbecue!  It doesn’t get much better than this!  Rodney, a member of Crossfit Portland, is the owner.  Say hello when you see him!

Another night of ourselves asking each other, “Where should we eat for dinner?”.  First we usually check out Happy Hours in the area on  (Great website!)  They tell you what happy hours are going on right now!  Podnah’s appeared!  On Tuesday’s, it’s ALL DAY RIBS special and Beer Happy hour!

This place is now our Tuesday ritual! Come join us!

What we ordered:  FULL RACK of RIBS

How we ordered: Ribs and water.

What we got: Have ever seen such a thing?  Wow….


Cost: $20

Quality:  Very tasty and moist.  The ribs are made with no sugar!  If choose to use the condiments, the tasty vinegar mix has some sugar as well as the special bbq sauce that contains some ketchup.  The meat was cooked perfectly, it was falling off the bone!

Quantity: Wow…refer to above pic.


img_0241Yes, what appears to be a rib has taken the place of the second thumb.  To further accentuate this positive rating, the rib was used instead.  Tuesdays is the greatest day of the week now.  We’ll probably be there every week!  20 bones for 12 ribs!  If you are alone and you don’t want to order all 12, they sell them for $1.75 each.  Though the entire rack is a way better deal and well worth it!  Regular price is $32 for the whole rack.  Yay! This is a great Paleo friendly option.  When we were there, they did run out of ribs.  We got there just in time and didn’t have to wait for a table.   If you go, go soon cuz word will catch on about this ridiculously fantastical rib deal and your wait for a table could become much longer!

Siam Society – Happy Hour
February 12, 2009, 10:54 am
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As of June 23rd, 2012, Siam Society has CLOSED it’s doors.  Their BBQ Chicken will be missed😦

2703 NE Alberta St., Portland, Oregon 97211

Siam Society is a Thai restaurant.  They have Happy Hour from 4:30-6:30 in their upstairs lounge and ALL day Tuesdays in their restaurant. There will be a separate review for their regular restaurant menu.

All day Tuesday Happy Hour?  Though not so impressed with Happy Hours as of late, we’re willing to try out new places.  We first thought Siam Society was some type of cult meeting area.  We had no idea it was a restaurant.  There’s a Wheat-free, vegan and vegetarian menu.  Of course, we don’t care about the last two menus, but on their website they are able to make Raw food entrees, salad and other special requests if you call 3 days in advance.  How bad could it be?  We had to find out…

What we ordered:  Pot of Thom Kha Soup with choice of meat (not a happy hour item).  2 orders of Chicken Satay (skewers) and Grilled Northern Style Sausage and Cabbage Wraps.

How we ordered it:  These things were all conveniently Paleo.  Thom Kha Soup with Chicken.  No subs or elims.

What we got:


Sausage and Cabbage Wraps (left) Chicken Satay (right)

img_01361Unfortunately we doled out 2 bowls already here….But here is one below….


Cost:  $4 – Sausage and Cabbage wrap, $4 – 2 orders of Chicken Satay, $12 Thom Kha Pot of Soup with Chicken.  $3 – Gin and Club Soda with lime.

Quantity:  Here we continue with our argument of why Happy Hour isn’t so Happy.  One order of chicken satay was 2 pieces of chicken.  It’s hard to describe what a “piece” should be, but regardless it hardly wet our appetite.  The cabbage wrap actually was not that bad for the price.  It was about 4 cabbage wraps when fully assembled.

The soup was magnifico!  The soup is meant to feed 4-5 people.  That was a meal in itself.  We were able to eat 6 bowls out of that pot.  It was so tasty and so Paleo friendly, the POT of  soup for it’s price was way worth it, yet not on the Happy Hour Menu…..hmmm….

Quality:   Chicken in the soup was tender not too dry.  Very tasty.  As far as the Chicken Satay, yeah, we got jacked there.  Sausage and cabbage, for the price, not bad.


img_0139Hmmm, it’s a conflicting message isn’t it.  Here lies the conflict:  The soup was very good and plentiful, the drinks for $3 Gin and Club Soda’s were a nice price as well.  The actual Happy Hour Food items were not so consistent.  They were a small serving size.  You’d have to order 4 orders of the chicken to feel somewhat fulfilled, and by then, for $8 you may as well buy a regularly priced appetizer and most likely get twice as much food.  The selection on the Happy Hour was not very large; choose between 3 appetizers and 2 different types of bowls of soup for $3.50 each.  What kind of society are they serving?  Confusing? yes. Happy hour?  No.  Hopefully the regular restaurant menu will be better.

R Palate – Happy Hour
February 12, 2009, 9:31 am
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219 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204

So begins our search for a good Happy Hour.  Going out to eat gets a little spendy.  Happy Hour seems like a good idea, but are they really? You have to order one drink minimum, sometimes per person, that could cost about $8 depending on what you get.  The food is cheaper, but there’s also a smaller amount that’s served.  What gives?  Happy Hour isn’t really Happy, it’s more like Get-’em-drunk-and-serve-less-food-per-dollar-Hour.

Think I’m wrong?  I’d love to hear some suggestions….

As you can tell, our experience at R Palate further supported my view of this money suckfest.  We went to this place because I was researching new restaurants on  I stumbled upon this restaurant and looked at they’re menu.  Three items consisted of bacon wrapped meat.  How could we not try it?

What we ordered:  R Palate Burger, Bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese and hazelnut, bacon wrapped oysters. There was a slight moment of giddy anticipation for the bacon. 

How we ordered it:  We pretty much just ordered it right off the menu.  The bacon wrapped stuff was pretty much Paleo friendly already.  We just ordered the burger as is and made sure we didn’t eat the bun.

What we got:  

img_0129Bacon wrapped oysters…wait…where are the oysters?  There’s actually four on this plate. (One is on the fork) Yes four only.


img_0130Bacon wrapped dates with hazelnut.  Yes that’s right, you can count ’em!!!

img_0131The Plain-Jane R Palate burger.

Cost: It gets worse….  $5 for bacon wrapped oysters, $5 for bacon wrapped dates, $4 R Palate burger.  $3.75 Gin and Club Soda with a lime.  (Not bad for the drink.  This is a very Paleo friendly alcoholic drink)

Quantity:  When we received our food, both of our jaws dropped to the floor simultaneously.  Unfortunately, in researching this restaurant, I was foiled by the frequent use of the word bacon on the menu….It looks like one strip of bacon was used to wrap the dates and the oysters. We could have gotten 2 Thai Barbecue Game Hens for ALL of the food we ordered!  Ugh….I feel so bad about this experience, I could eat at Arby’s.  

Quality:  Nothing special to report…



img_0132Oh man, best MEAT-O-METER face ever!  

I feel somewhat at fault for this experience.  I was just conversing with the MEAT-O-METER about how all of our reviews were positive experiences and that to be a substantial, legitimate, bi-partisan and professional meat critic, we need more negative reviews about restaurants. I think I jinxed ourselves and it actually happened!  We’ve never been so jacked in our lifetime!   Such a big disappointment.  Maybe we should have known it wasn’t going to be good when we walked in and nobody was there.

ah well,  the search continues…


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