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New Seasons – SE 19th and Division
January 25, 2009, 2:38 am
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1954 SE Division St., Portland, Oregon 97202

New Seasons 7 Corners –  Here we take a moment to remember Old Times.  Crossfit Portland used to be located at SE 21st and Powell.  We used to meet up with other Crossfitters for lunch or late dinner at the New Seasons’ Hot Case.  New Seasons became, and still is, a staple for our diet needs.  After turning Paleo, they provided the first meal “out” where we were completely satisfied in our stomachs and our wallets!  However, after moving to North Portland, we were disappointed to find out that the other locations do NOT have the Hot Case special there!  Then we default to the great Wok Bowl.  For now, we’ll focus on the Hot Case Special.

What we ordered:  The Hot Case Special.  Their Hot Case has several items and they change daily.  The best dish and is pretty much what makes this deal awesome is the Dragon Thighs.  We only get the special if they have Dragon Thighs.  What are they? Click to find out!

How we ordered it:  Straight out of the Hot Case.  No subs or elims.  

What we got:  The reason why the Hot Case Special is so great is the quantity.  If you can, go after the dinner rush and they may just give you extra so they can get rid of the rest of their food.  

If you go, here’s a KEY to let you know if you’re being served well on your meat.

If they give you:

2 pieces =  you just got JACKED!

3 pieces = about right, pretty good size.

4 pieces = Score!

5 pieces = you best be goin’ across the street to buy a lottery ticket!  Thasalotta meat!



Nice size plate!  3 pieces of chicken, half a dozen brussell sprouts and about 2 yams.

img_0045If you look closely, there’s a small pool of drool about to fall.

Cost:  CHEAP!!  $6.99 for entree and two sides. 

Quality:  Local meat, very tasty, flavorful and moist.

Quantity:  Great!  Was satisfied at the end of the meal. If you can, try not to let their manager dish you your food, they weigh out exactly how much you’re supposed to get.  Usually they’ll just eye it out for you and it’s more than enough food.




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